The Beginners Bible table of contents

The Beginners Bible table of contents

A simple Children Story Book App just wasn't enough so the ambitious Beginners Bible App was born. 

Instead of pan, zoom and scale The Beginners Bible aspired to be more in line with a Disney title. 

Each page has real interaction. A real game, coloring and puzzles. Most storybooks are 10 pages, this one is over 300. 

A wysiwyg editor (storybook builder) had to be written to aid in the placement of the images, selecting the interactions. 

Andy Anderson is the excellent designer who is the reason it's such an attractive and well designed App.  He is also the director of the video seen below. 

Promo video that was done when we only had three pages working.

StoryBook Builder

As well of the App there was no way to do all of the stories without tools. 

Placing images, choosing interactions, Speech To Text are all time consuming task. 

For example doing one page in the book could take a day if all of these are to be done manually. There are over 400 pages in this book. This isn't your standard storybook. 

On top of that there are puzzles, coloring and a game. Each game is an App in of its self.

Games of the Beginners Bible (so far)