Amway Refreshments

Getting the band back together 

Andy Anderson, my collaborator on most HarperCollins projects as well as the Seth Godin App approached me about doing an App that would help Uber drivers obtain leads for Amway. 

Originally this was going to be a native prototype, meaning not functional but just bringing up views with images, mimicking a real App but not at all functional. 

While I was doing this, more and more I was implementing the actual features, so in two weekends we had the actual working App. 

It is currently being tested in the field over in the U.K.

Technologies Used

Swift 2.x

This App now has hundreds of hours of use and there is yet to be one crash. I attribute part of this to the beauty of Swift. 


This was my first real exposure with realm. Realm is a database technology, similar to Core Data, but much easier to develop with and much faster. A bonus is that the file format is platform agnostic. I generally favor using standard iOS frameworks, and try to avoid CocoaPod overload, but this is a case where there are true advantages over CoreData, unlike say AFNetworking for example.