Senior Software Engineer featured in New and Noteworthy and What’s hot in the Apple Web Store with ratings always 4 and above. Has developed and maintains and experienced with a very wide range of industries and technologies, seeks new opportunity to excel in the field of mobile technologies.

Mobile Portfolio

FastCast Weather (Objective-C)
The Beginners Bible (Objective-C)
Halfings Memory Match (Objective-C++ Cocos2D-X) Purpose Driven Life (Objective-C)
Common Prayer (Objective-C)
Seth Godin's Blog (Objective-C)
One Thousand Gifts (Objective-C)
The Daniel Plan (Xamarin c#)
StudyGateway (Xamarin.Forms)
SportsmanTracker (iOS Objective-C / Swift)
Amway Uber recruitment App (Swift)
The Meijer Mobile App 


iOS Lead Architect - Meijer
Grand Rapids, MI - 2015 - Present

Lead iOS developer responsible for overseeing architecture, training and programming the Meijer Mobile App.

The Meijer Mobile App has been downloaded millions of times with over 600k active, engaged users per month.

Lead the initiative of bringing this App from 1.5 to 4.5 in ratings.

Lead the initiative of introducing Swift

Presented design patterns for both the iOS and Android teams that allow more through Unit Testing that significantly reduced the number of regression bugs. 

iOS Developer - Sportsman Tracker
Grand Rapids, MI - 2015

Lead iOS developer responsible for the programming/maintenance of Sportsman Tracker.

Has been a mentor, training a junior developer on iOS from the ground up.

Has kept ratings at five stars. 

Senior Developer of Mobile Technologies HarperCollins Christian Publishing; Grand Rapids, MI - 2011 - Present

Responsible for all mobile initiatives for one the largest publishers in the country with an annual revenue in the seven figures. 

Has kept the standard of all internally produced Apps App to the rating of 4 - 5 stars.


Independent iOS/Mac developer; Grand Rapids, MI - 2010 - Present

Developed FastCast for the iPhone and iPad, an application featured in New and Noteworthy and What’s hot for over nine months. Has peaked as high as the #4 weather application with a rating that has never dipped below 4.5 out of 5.

Senior Software Engineer, X-Rite; Grand Rapids, MI - 2000 - Present

Has worked in every major software section at X-Rite including:


Software Engineer ColorDesigner Plus / The Most successful software for paint matching used by major retailers including Wal-Mart, Lowe's and Home Depot usingc#/.net, Windows Presentation Framework and SQL Server.

Software Engineer MatchStik / Provided software in c#/.net for color analysis in developing a new instrument for a major paint manufacturer to allow for a low cost color spectrometer.


Software Engineer XCQC / Key member of the team writing the next generation of Industrial Quality Control software used in the automotive industry. Challenges included learning a new development platform Java to produce a cross platform application that shares code between other applications at X-Rite. Transferred Matlab code for the XDNA math to Java. Contribute in creating a new user interface that made color science more accessible to a wider audience.

Software Engineer Textile Research and Development / Worked with on developing a supply chain color management for one of the leading worldwide retailers.



Key member of a team writing the next generation of imaging software that generates high-resolution, 3D images of a measured surface using c#/.net. 

Working with Chrysler Kokomo, designed and implemented an application that indicates what valves in a valve body didn’t pass quality tolerances. The design success in this project was in delivering an application that streamlined all the steps involved into one step, showing the results in simple red/green display. Originally the customer described the analog steps, and how the software might work the same way. By understanding the real goals of the customer, a much better application that solved the real problem was delivered.

Software Testing

Software Tester Components / Originally hired as a software resource for the testing group. Position centered on testing shared components including licensing and on screen color. A developer was needed for this position in that testing these components involved writing test application. This developer also needed experience in various languages including C++/MFC Visual Basic and Delphi which I had. This position was short lived due to the retail group in need of an additional resource for the next generation retail paint matching system ColorDesigner. 


Software Consultant, Ambassador Consulting; Indianapolis, IN - 1999 - 2000

Software Consultant / Visual Basic 6.0 / ViewSA project for USA Group. This student loan application was a front-end   client application, tying all back-end systems into one unified system.

Software Consultant, Profound Consulting; Indianapolis, IN - 1998 - 1999

Visual Basic 5-6, Visual C++ 6 and InstallShield 5.1 / Developer on the Cummins Advisor project which is an engine design tool to help reduce warranty cost.

 Software Engineer, Praxair Surface Technologies; Indianapolis, IN 1995 - 1998

  • Developed software to document all processes needed for Praxair to move parts through their coating process using Visual Basic 4 - 5
  • Add on project to then track the status of parts from the data in the job document system also using Visual Basic 4 - 5
  • Wrote various data warehousing procedures using Oracle RDMS and Oracle Financials
  • Wrote an EIS system that allowed real time access to financial information to various members in the organization using Visual Basic 5.

Software Engineer, Golden Eagle Software; Indianapolis, IN 1993 - 1995

  • Design and wrote an application that tracks time employees spend at job sites for a construction company using Visual Basic 3.0
  • Design and wrote an application that tracks attendance at conferences for various seminars and credits needed for professional licenses using Visual Basic 3.0

Electronic Warfare Signal Intelligence non-Morris Interceptor 98-K, 1987-1992

United States Army / NSA

Bad Aibling, Germany - FT. Mead, MD

Responsible for detection, acquisition, location and identification of foreign electronic intelligence. This position was the first where I was given the opportunity to work with advanced computer systems. Involved in the user role for new software being designed, which gives me a unique perspective on having been on both sides of the software development table. 

Awarded the Samuel F.B. Morse Award and honor graduate. 

Awarded the Bad Aibling Field Station award


This position required an ASVAB Score of 95 wherein 99 is the highest


Professional Careers Institute, Indianapolis, IN / Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming with honors 1993


20070002324 - Systems and methods for profiling and synchronizing a fleet of color measurement instruments


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