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One of the great things about in house development as opposed to outsourcing is that we can try new things without shelling out 50-100K.

Want to try out subscriptions? Let's do it!!!!

In this case, we are writing our first real ePub reader. We've made book Apps, but not the right way. 

For example, we've exported from InDesign to HTML and managed that in various ways. Now we are reading directly from ePub, so messing with the assets of a book on a per project basis is a thing of the past. 

Also, on the cross platform side this is being written using Xamarin. 

Xamarin gives us the benefit of sharing 70-80% of our code without giving up on native features or performance. 

Particularly in this case all of the code related to

Downloading, uncompressing, reading metadata XML, storing in cache, tracking user downloads, recording bookmarks, notes and much more is all made using cross platform code compiled using LLVM.